WoodBorer Control

woodborerWood boring insects refer to a selection of arthropods which cause damage to wooden structures. This group of insects feature a range of species of insect at different stages of their life cycles from larvae to adults.

Wood boring insects are seen as pests due to the damage they create in both urban, and rural areas. Within an urban environment wood boring insects can cause a huge amount of damage to residential properties. Whilst in agricultural and rural settings, wood boring insects are responsible for damaging crops. However, it’s worth noting that some wood boring insects are a key part to the ecosystem, helping to recycle dead trees. There are some cases though where wood boring insects have become an epidemic in some forests killing a large amount of trees.

The majority of furniture in Indian households is made of wood or composites of wood. Wood-borer larvae or powderpost beetle larvae are pests that can damage wooden structures and furniture. PCI’s WBM service protects and prevents future infestations. Treat any bare wood with solvent based insecticidal borer fluid. Solvent based insecticides using turpentine or kerosene will penetrate deep into the timber and will kill larvae as they eat the wood. The insecticide also prevents adults laying eggs on the surface.The old house borer belongs to a group called cerambycid beetles, which are also know as long-horned beetles. Most long-horned beetles are wood borers in the larval stage, but only the old house borer is a serious pest in homes.All Wood Borer treatments are specially designed to disrupt at least one of the lifecycle stages of the beetles.

Woodworm is a generic term used for a number of species of wood-boring beetle and refers to the larvae of the beetles, which feed on wood after hatching from the egg, creating tunnels in the process. They only emerge from the timber after pupating and developing into adults, creating the characteristic holes in the wood surface.

This characteristic also leads to the misconception that the holes can be treated with insecticide to kill the beetle, when in fact it is pointless as the hole signifies that the beetle has left!

The main beetles that cause damage to structural timber and wooden fittings, furniture and items in buildings are classified into three groups, commonly called: deathwatch (Anobiidae family), powderpost and false powderpost beetles (Bostrichidae family).

Wood Borer Control Technique

borer41.) The KPCI technician uses a chemical injection to treat the affected area to terminate the underlying pests.
2.) KPCI provides an annual management service which includes 4 services in a year with periodical checkups.
3.) KPCI technician uses a chemical injection to treat the affected area to terminate the underlying pests.
4.) KPCI Provide effective pest control services for Anti Wood Borer Treatment to protect all your Wood and Furnitures being destroyed by termites.